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Wednesday, December 07 2022 @ 12:25 pm UTC
Trouble for the Welfare Queens, Part 2 May 1, 2006  View Printable Version 
By Wilbur Miller

Maury Brown, at The Hardball Times, has posted an article examining a subject that owners like Kevin McClatchy and David Glass would probably prefer did not get much public airing: the upcoming collision between revenue sharing and labor talks with the union. The Upcoming CBA. This article is worth reading, because it’s going to have significant implications for the Pirates.
Trouble for MLB’s Welfare Queens? February 22, 2006  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur Miller

This is just a short piece inspired by some recent developments that may impact the future of revenue sharing in MLB.

Joe Sheehan pointed out today in an article in the subscribers’ area at Prospectus that there are signs the wealthier owners are getting tired of subsidizing teams like the Pirates and Royals. He pointed to an article in which John Henry questions whether the current system provides enough incentive for teams to compete.

The Company You Keep February 06, 2006  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur Miller

Baseball America recently posted an online article by Jim Callis — in the subscribers’ area — entitled “Royals’ Latest Plan Won’t Work Either.” What’s most striking about the article is that, if you substitute a few names, it could just as easily have been about the Pirates.
One Step Back, Two Steps Back January 10, 2006  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur Miller

We can all rest easy now: Kevin McClatchy has declared Dave Littlefield’s off-season acquisitions a success. Littlefield, according to McClatchy, more than fulfilled his mission to acquire two bats. He acquired three: Victor Santos, Damaso Marte and Roberto Hernandez…er, no, they all own bats, but McClatchy was probably referring to Sean Casey, Jeromy Burnitz and Joe Randa. Various articles are already referring to these players as “solidifying” the middle of a batting order that ranked at or near the bottom in nearly everything in 2005. “Solidifying” is the word I keep seeing. It seems carefully chosen to avoid use of the more relevant word: “improving.” Is there a reason we don’t see the latter word? Let’s try directly addressing the question that seems to be escaping scrutiny elsewhere.
An open letter to Mike Prisuta 12-11-05  View Printable Version 
by Stephen Zielinski

The following letter responds to a recent Mike Prisuta article, “Casey's return proves Pirates are trying again”. An edited version of the letter appeared in the December 11, 2005 Letters to the Editor section of the Tribune-Review sports page. Mr. Prisuta, In regards to the Pirate’s recent moves, you wrote (December 8, 2005):

It’s a good thing the Pirates’ principal owners are newspaper tycoons 12-2-05  View Printable Version 
by Stephen Zielinski

It’s good because we would reasonably expect the scions of two old newspaper empires to strictly observe the ethical limits which ought to guide the actions of our local journalists.

Oh, wait....

A return to normal in 2006? 11-11-05 Part 2  View Printable Version 
by Stephen Zielinski

The upshot: Insomuch as Littlefield’s team-building strategy for the 2006 season comes to rely upon free agent acquisitions and if the free agents he signs this winter wholly or partially undermine the youth movement the Pirates’ implemented during the 2005 season, it is to that extent that Littlefield will have merely promised to go dumpster diving once again in the passage quoted above.

A return to normal in 2006? 11-11-05 Part 1  View Printable Version 
by Stephen Zielinski

Kevin McClatchy recently promised Pirate fans that his team would loosen its always tight purse strings during the coming months, that his Pirates would budget more money for its 2006 players’ payroll than it had in the recent past, money it would spend so that it might field a significantly better or even a winning team next year. McClatchy might even follow through on his promises.

Let’s assume that the Pirates will spend more money putting together next year’s team. (It goes without saying that Pirate fans have good reason to question promises made by the McClatchy partnership.) What, then, should we expect from this pricier team? A winner? A championship contender?

An anniversary well remembered 10-10-05  View Printable Version 
by Stephen Zielinski


(Best read with Stravinsky’s Song of the Volga Boatmen playing in the background)

According to my notes, the McClatchy partnership purchased the Pirates on October 10th (1996).

It seems like he and his crew have owned the Pirates for a lot longer than that.


The 2006 season has already begun 10-2-05  View Printable Version 
by Stephen Zielinski

The Pirates will soon play their last game of the 2005 season. But, they are also playing for the right to pick second in the 2006 Draft. In that sense, the future is already here.

They enter the last game of the year tied with the Rockies for second (to last) place in the majors.