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Friday, June 09 2023 @ 10:51 am UTC
Time To Put Up or Shut Up  View Printable Version 
Time To Put Up or Shut Up

by SteveK

Until Bob Nutting is willing to spend the money, all the offseason talks will remain smoke and mirrors.
Are You Having Fun Yet?  View Printable Version 
Are You Having Fun Yet?

By Richard A. Mathews

If you have been living in a cave the past four months, you will not believe how your Battling Buccoís are playing.

No matter the results in Philly this weekend, your Pirates will begin the month of August with more wins than losses.
DeJa Vu, 97 Maybe Not!  View Printable Version 
DeJa Vu, 97 Maybe Not!

By Richard A. Mathews

It is way past time to wake up.

Dreams are great but 2011 canít be a Freak Show repeat can it?

Okay, Iíll agree that Karstens, Maholm, Morton, Correia and McDonald are pitching a great deal as did Lieber, Schmidt, Cordova, Loiaza and Cook.
Sure, it has been fun to watch this rotation post a 2-run per game drop in era from last year but really can it continue.

Did anyone see Jeff Ė nobody wants me in the rotation Ė Karstens suddenly throwing shutouts putting together a staff low 2.66 era?
Please Donít Wake Me Up Ė Iím Enjoying this Dream  View Printable Version 
Please Donít Wake Me Up Ė Iím Enjoying this Dream

By Richard A. Mathews

Please donít wake me up, Iím enjoying this dream.

A Pittsburgh Pirate team whose starting pitchers are leaving the game in the sixth, seventh, eighth or even ninth inning handing the baseball off with a lead.

A Pittsburgh Pirate team whose relief pitchers are giving the club a chance to come back and holding off late games rallies.

A Pittsburgh Pirate team whose closer is 10 for 10 in save attempts.
Pirate Preview 2011  View Printable Version 
Foreword: Admittedly, I was sentenced to Pirate Prison for my 2010 Preseason Article, but what the heck Once a Bucco Fan Always a Bucco Fan as such I present my:

Pirate Preview 2011

By Richard A. Mathews

So letís get the Old Guy Jokes out of the way first, yes I am now an AARP card carrier, I earned it.

But let me ask you how many remember the last Pirate Team to post a record almost as bad as the Bucs were in 2010?

To me that team seems like it was only playing yesterday finishing the season at 64-98.

For as bad as the 1986 club was on April Foolís Day 1987, the few Bucco fans willing to admit as much, were shocked when Tony Pena was traded to the Cards for three guys named Van Slyke, Lavailliere and Dunn.
The Next Captain of the Pirate Ship  View Printable Version 
By Steve K

Who will be the next manager of YOUR Pittsburgh Pirates?

Itís November and we live in Pittsburgh. I know almost nobody is thinking about baseball, but here I am writing a column about it. Weird, I know. Something needs to be said and I am going to be the one to say it. Who should be the Pittsburgh Pirates manager in 2011? My answer is, does it really matter?
1960 Revisited - What became of the team members?  View Printable Version 
By Bobster

Wrap up.

The 1960 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates:

Danny Murtaugh, Mgr-Retired after 1964 season due to health problems. Took over 2nd half of 1967 as interim mgr when Harry Walker was fired. Returned as manager for 1970 and 1971, earning another World Series championship in 1971. Retired after 1971 season but returned in September 1973 after Virdon was fired as manager. Remained manager until he retired after the 1976 season, winning 92 games in 1975 and 1976. Died 12/2/76.
1960 Revisited - October 13  View Printable Version 
By Bobster

Thursday, October 13, 1960---Game 7 of the 1960 WS got underway about 1 p.m. Bob Turley (1-0) vs Vern Law (2-0). It was Lawís 3rd start, again pitching on 3 days rest, and still with a sprained ankle. Murtaugh indicated that if Law could give him 5 to 6 innings, heíd bring in Friend and Face from there. Bobby Richardson led off for NY, making him the 5th different lead-off hitter for Casey Stengel in the 7 game series. Stengel had also used Kubek, Cerv, McDougald and Boyer in that role. Catcher Elston Howard was out for the game with a hand injury sustained in game 6 when he was hit by a pitch.
1960 Revisited - October 12  View Printable Version 
By Bobster

Wednesday, October 12, 1960---Trailing 3 games to 2, the Yankees had to win at Forbes Field in game 6 to stay alive. Bob Friend had an easy first inning, getting Clete Boyer on a comebacker, Kubek on a grounder to Mazeroski and Maris on a fly to Virdon in CF. Virdon opened the bottom of the first with a single off Ford. But Groat bounced into a Richardson-to Kubek-to Skowron DP. Clemente singled but Stuart struck out.
1960 Revisited - October 11  View Printable Version 
By Bobster

Tuesday, October 11, 1960---The teams were off as they headed back to Pittsburgh where Bob Friend (0-1) would take on Whitey Ford (1-0). The Pirates, surprisingly up 3 games to 2 after taking 2 of 3 in Yankee Stadium, now needed only to split the 2 remaining games in Pittsburgh to win it all. Bill Mazeroski (6 for 18) led the Pirates at .333 and had their only HR (in game 1) so far. Tony Kubek (9 for 22) led NY at .409. The Yankees had received HRs from Mantle (3), Maris (2), Howard, Richardson and Skowron.