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Welcome to Onlybucs
Wednesday, December 07 2022 @ 12:20 pm UTC
Day Two of Spring Training  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan,


Another beautiful day of Spring Training. The current temperature is 74 degrees with very little breeze.
Money Talks and . . .  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur T. Miller

Dejan Kovacevic ran an interesting article in the Sunday PG. He notes that the Pirates are placing an "internal value" on the free agents they've attempted to sign and have refused to go above that value. The approach: "A dollar value for a player is formulated by the baseball staff based on market and performance analysis, and a contract agreement is reached only if the terms do not exceed that value."
Misery; Thy name is Pirates  View Printable Version 
by Steven K.

"Line drive and a base hit. Justice has scored the tying run. Bream to the plate...and he is safe, safe at the plate! The Braves go to the World Series!"

I think it is safe to assume that every Pirates fan knows that call. It is Sean McDonough’s call of the final run of the 1992 National League Championship Series. I was only five-years-old when that play happened, but I remember it vividly. I was just getting into baseball, and my father did something horrible to me that night; he woke me up to watch the Pirates head to the World Series. He did the worst thing a father can do to a son…he gave me false hope. When the Pirates lost that day I was upset, I went to my Kindergarten class the next day and cried about the Pirates defeat. I remained optimistic though, next year I thought. Well here it is 16 years later, and I am still waiting for next year.
Welcome to OnlyBucs  View Printable Version 
by Richard A. Mathews

Welcome to OnlyBucs.org’s new front page.

We thought it appropriate as the Oldest Bucco Fan Site on the web begins a new chapter in our history to recant our humble beginnings and highlight the support of the Pirate Nation which has spanned 12 years, nearly 2,000,000 unique visits to the site from you the reason we exist, to be your home to enjoy your Pittsburgh Pirates.

OnlyBucs.org first began following the work which developed the original MLB Pittsburgh Pirates web site.

The site's name back then was “The Buccaneer”.
Onlybucs Front Page Returns  View Printable Version 
by OnlyBucs Staff

After a short hiatus, the front page of Onlybucs is back! We're looking forward to bringing you, the Pirate fan, articles written by other Pirate fans. Join us for views and assessments written by the visitors of Onlybucs and other noteworthy Pirate fan sites across the net.

If you would like to contribute to the site, please register for our front page. Click the 'Contribute' text link above the front page banner and submit your article for our staff to review for publication. We publish 99% of all legitimate articles submitted.
The Panic Deepens  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur Miller

DAVE Littlefield’s desperation to save his job by trying to avert another 95-loss season reached new heights as he traded for the expensive and declining Matt Morris to shore up the Pirates’ rotation. The stunning part was that Littlefield agreed to pick up all of Morris’ hefty salary. If they don’t exercise their 2009 option, the Pirates will be on the hook for a minimum of more than $15M over the next year and two months. With two expensive shortstops, both among MLB’s weakest hitters, already under contract — assuming the Pirates exercise Cesar Izturis’ option, which seems highly likely given Jim Tracy’s affection for his former LA out machine — the Pirates have gone well over their projected payroll and probably eliminated any semblance of financial flexibility for the near future.
Payroll (mis)Management — Littlefield v. Bonifay  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur Miller

WITH Dave Littlefield becoming almost universally vilified for his non-existent ability to evaluate talent, his claim to being a better (or less atrocious) General Manager than Cam Bonifay is entirely based on the notion that he hasn’t saddled the team with bad contracts. I don’t think this is a valid argument.

Bonifay was notorious for four contracts: Meares, Bell, Young and Kendall. But has Littlefield really done so much better?
This is Dave’s Team Now  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur T. Miller

THOSE words were spoken by an anonymous Pirate official when Dave Littlefield traded away Jason Kendall. With the contracts of Kendall, Kevin Young, Derek Bell and Pat Meares off the books, Dave was finally going to get the chance to remake the Pirates in his own image. So it came about that Dave labored to build a team that fulfilled his vision. And when his labors were done, Dave rested and looked upon what he had wrought...and hit the panic button.
The Shell Game June 19, 2006  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur Miller

Pirate fans should take up a new slogan: “Show Me the Money.” The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ran an article on June 18 discussing the Pirates’ take from revenue sharing, specifically asking the question, “Where is the money going?”


It’s obviously a pertinent question, because the Basic Agreement provides that “each Club shall use its revenue sharing receipts (from the Base Plan, the Central Fund Component and the Commissioner’s Discretionary Fund) in an effort to improve its performance on the field.”
Mismanagement 101 May 2, 2006  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur Miller

One of the more popular topics among Pirate fans in recent years has been the quality of the job done by General Manager Dave Littlefield. Thanks to the team’s continued poor play, this subject probably generates less controversy than it once did, but there still remains a segment of the team’s shrinking fan base that considers Littlefield to be at least an adequate GM. Well, as one unnamed member of the organization said after Littlefield traded Jason Kendall, “This is Dave’s team now.” Since it’s finally “Dave’s team,” it must also be a good point at which to judge Dave’s performance.