Four Game Sweep By Phillies: Observations


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Four Game Sweep By Phillies: Observations

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I made a 488 mile trek to Pittsburgh again this year for a Bucs series against the Phillies.

I have made the trek every year since 2007–except in 2020 and this is the first sweep of the Pirates, so I am not happy about that! But as a Bucs fan since 1960, I have not

had excessively high expectations lately. I stayed across the street at the Spring Hill Suites with a couple of buddies.

Here are a few observations:

1. Why are we playing Van Meter and Tsutsugo? We have a few players at AAA—Suwinski, Marciano, Swaggerty and others that I would rather see! Playing time is a valuable commodity and we are squandering playing time on players who can’t be showcased because they are untradable!

2. There is an IC Light sign in the outfield but no IC Light in the ballpark but no IC Light for sale in the ballpark! A travashamockery! There is some regular Iron City but no IC Light. Unacceptable!

3. There is a Fatheads now behind the notch. Did that replace the storage building which Sosa hit the roof? It was an ugly building but it was the longest homer in PNC history—about 520 feet from home plate. How about a marker?

4. Newman is hitting! The dream Seinfeld DP combination of Newman and Kramer will never happen, but Kevin is playing pretty well lately. Will he be traded.

5. Cruz started 3 games. Fielded well, but only one hit. A couple of baserunning errors. but I predict that he will be the best Buc since Bonds!

6. Bryan Reynolds has a new baby! Only played in one games. I was afraid he reinjured himself. Congratulations Bryan!

7. Dollar dogs on Thursday are a good deal! Yinzerpalooza on Friday was fun but why not Joe Grushecky and the Iron City Houserockers instead of The Clark’s? Saturday fireworks were excellent!

8. The core is Hayes, Reynolds and Cruz. Let’s bring up the kids and see what we’ve got!

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