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Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Post by WildwoodDave2 »

Can anyone tell me why a major newspaper in a major city only publishes three days a week.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Post by DemDog »

They publish every day digitally. There are only 3 print editions each week. This seems to be the way that papers are moving since print advertising is going by the wayside. Instead of subscribing to a print copy, you subscribe to a digital edition. You can still get a web edition free at

www.post-gazette.com. The web edition does not have as much detail on sports like box scores etc that the full-blown subscription does.
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Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Post by Ecbucs »

before long that is going to happen to most printed papers. Our local papers (Huntsville Times, Birmingham News) went to three days a week a year or two ago.

There are very few ads in print additions. Real estate, cars and jobs ads have all moved online.

My very local paper moved from three days to two because of covid and drop in advertising. I don't think it will move back to three.
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