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Re: The Other Games

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I missed the White Sox but they uncharacteristically lost their 101st game
joining Oakland and Kansas City as teams losing over 100 games in the AL
Colorado was the only NL team to lose 100 or more games
Oakland A's- 50-112
Kansas City 56-106
Colorado 59-103
White Sox 61-101
Isn't it great not to see the bucs listed above?
Teams with 100 or more wins
Braves 104-58 ( Baseballs best record)
Orioles 101-61
Dodgers 100- 62
Tampa just missed out-99-63
Cardinals finished 71-91 twenty games under 500
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Re: The Other Games

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If I had to guess which of the teams you listed above will not closely repeat the record they produced this year it would be the Cardinals. What they did this year was really out of character. There certainly are reasons for their record but that organization always seems to find a way to compete. Who among us would be surprised to see them be as active as any other org during the offseason to fix what broke this year?
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Re: The Other Games

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Good luck Orioles!!!!
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