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Well, we are nearly 50% of the way through the season (79 games). 32 wins which means I likely shot a bit low in my predicted win total for the year; I predicted 58 wins.

The Bucs will soon need to make more decisions regarding the veterans in the minors as their rehab assignments are getting a bit long. And, 2 of them are tearing it up at AAA.

Tsutugo has a BA of .440 and an OPS of 1.316 in 36 AB's, and Newman has an average of .409 in 49 AB's. Gamel - .226 BA in 35 AB's, and Marisnick - .263 BA (actually a great average for him) in 19AB's.

I don't have a major problem with Newman coming up to replace Park, except that it likely means a real decrease in playing time for Marcano. Similarly, if calling up Tsutugo meant that the team would cut bait with VanMeter, I also could go for that. Chavis likely would do better in a platoon role, and if Tsutugo has regained his September 2021 stroke, perhaps some team would consider trading for him by the August 2 deadline.

The real problem centers on the shear number of veterans at AAA (4), and VanMeter's and Vogelbach's current hold on major league roster spots. While Chang is (fortunately) gone, it is hard to see how the Bucs can fit 6 veterans and a number of the current rookies on the roster --- there are only 11 spots with the 2 catchers.

Next week should be interesting in the way of roster moves, as the veterans at AAA likely can lodge a complaint regarding the length of their rehab if they are not soon recalled.

Within the next week I predict that Newman, Tsutugo, and Gamel will be recalled to the active roster, and that Marcano, Park, and Castillo will be optioned to AAA. Marisnick will be DFA'd. The Bucs will go with a roster of 6 infielders (Chavis, Newman, Cruz, Hayes, Tsutugo, and VanMeter), 4 outfielders (Suwinsik, Reynolds, Madris, and Gamel), Vogelbach, and the 2 catchers. A month or so at AAA shouldn't hurt the development of Marcano, Castillo, or Park too much, and come the end of the trade deadline, hopefully some of them can be recalled.

I know a lot of teams are moving relievers around pretty interchangeably, but I would be hard-pressed to name all of the relievers on the team on any particular day with all of the recent movement. Banda gone; Fletcher up, no he's down; Banuelos likely on the way; Brice is up (I think); Vieux still around (likely until Banuelos is added to the active roster); Underwood is up; wait DeLosSantos on the COVID list; Peters, and Mears likely able to be added soon. Geez, did I pass a quiz? Now, if only some of the above guys could pitch well and be an asset going forward.

Tallion on the mound tonight. I wish him well, but hope that the Bucs can beat him tonight.
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