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Friday, August 12 2022 @ 05:37 pm UTC
Myth-Building and the Pirates August 29, 2005  View Printable Version 
AS the 2005 season enters its final stages, the Pirates are rapidly sinking toward what could be baseballís worst won-loss record other than Kansas City. If thereís one certainty for Bucsí fans, itís that the spin, which is the only real talent the teamís management possesses, will come fast and furiously. Weíll hear all about how difficult it is to win games when a team is breaking in young players. The teamís unofficial slogan since the 100-loss fiasco of 2001 has been, ďYoung = Losing, Veteran = Winning.Ē But how much truth is there to the Bucco Mantra?
What Went Wrong July 29, 2005  View Printable Version 
by Wilbur Miller

SOME of the discussions here recently led me to think about the reasons for the Piratesí plight over the past 13 years. Much of the discussion centers, of course, on bad decisions at the GM level, because as fans thatís what we notice: trades, free agent signings and the like. When youíre a Pirate fan, these moves can take on added significance, because theyíve been so bad most of the time. Most baseball fans probably donít even know what the Rule 5 draft is, but Iíll bet virtually all more-than-casual Pirate fans do.