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Monday, January 30 2023 @ 07:46 am UTC
Day Nine of 2008 S/T  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan


Saturday's weather was warm and windy, with threatening skies, but the rain held off until the scheduled completion at 1:30 PM.

I've been able to collect the work schedule of each session, which has been posted in the common area of Pirate City each day. It is quite detailed, one page for the position players, and a separate page for the pitchers.

For example, today's pitchers schedule included 27 separate entries, while the position player's schedule consisted of 39 entries, some activities of only 15 minutes apart. The schedule has concurrent entries for infielders, outfielders, and catchers.
Day Eight of 2008 S/T  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan


Another perfect summer day in the middle of February. It almost doesn't seem fair.

Today was quite similar to yesterday, in that the activities were common, and there was little hard news to report.
Day Seven of 2008 S/T  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan

Though the morning started off cloudy with a 60% chance of rain, the baseball gods were kind to us fans once again, and by late morning the sun was as bright as ever.

The first drill of the morning turned out to be, undoubtedly, the most entertaining aspect of the complete workout session, though not for the proper reason.
Day Six of 2008 S/T  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan

Today was a little cool by Florida standards, mid to upper sixties with a strong breeze, but it was a super day for baseball fans, with the position players not only participating in the on-field activities, but actually facing live pitching for the first time today.
Day Four of 2008 S/T  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan

Another super day for baseball, though there is not an awful lot new to report on, in advance of Wednesday's first full workout.

Today's crowd more than doubled the previous days, though the school kids being off (plus Parents) due to President's Day may have been a contributing factor.
Stan Savran visited Pirate City, in order to do a couple interviews with the Pirate Manager and General Manager.
He flew in Sunday night, and was scheduled to fly out Monday night.
So much for being an indispensable TV anchor.
Day Three of 2008 S/T  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan

Another great day for baseball in central Florida, though tomorrow's forecast is for 60% rain, and when the rain is coming off the gulf, it tends to pour.

But we're here to talk baseball, so let's get started.
Day Two of Spring Training  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan,


Another beautiful day of Spring Training. The current temperature is 74 degrees with very little breeze.
Misery; Thy name is Pirates  View Printable Version 
by Steven K.

"Line drive and a base hit. Justice has scored the tying run. Bream to the plate...and he is safe, safe at the plate! The Braves go to the World Series!"

I think it is safe to assume that every Pirates fan knows that call. It is Sean McDonough’s call of the final run of the 1992 National League Championship Series. I was only five-years-old when that play happened, but I remember it vividly. I was just getting into baseball, and my father did something horrible to me that night; he woke me up to watch the Pirates head to the World Series. He did the worst thing a father can do to a son…he gave me false hope. When the Pirates lost that day I was upset, I went to my Kindergarten class the next day and cried about the Pirates defeat. I remained optimistic though, next year I thought. Well here it is 16 years later, and I am still waiting for next year.