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Thursday, September 24 2020 @ 01:58 pm UTC
1960 Revisited - April 12  View Printable Version 
By Bobster

Tuesday, April 12, 1960 OPENING DAY in Milwaukee. The National League began its schedule with a full slate of games. The A.L. would not begin until almost a week later. When the 1960 National League 154-game schedule was released, the Pirates had 11 doubleheaders scheduled (8 on Sundays, 1 on Memorial Day, 1 on July 4th and 1 on Labor Day). They had 25 off days not counting a 4-day All-Star break from July 10 to July 4 (4 off days in April, 4 in May, 5 in June, 2 in July (plus the All-Star break), 3 in August and 7 in September). Odd scheduling quirks included going to Milwaukee for only one game to open the season on April 12, going to St. Louis for only one game on May 2, hosting the Cubs for only one game on May 17, traveling to St. Louis for only one game on September 7, and having 3 off days in a 4-day period from September 26-29 during which the Reds came to Pittsburgh to play only one game on September 27. Rainouts would require changes to the schedule, but this was how it was set up at the beginning of the season.
1960 Revisited  View Printable Version 
By Bobster

A day by day account of the Pirates' 1960 season.

2010 is the 50th anniversary of the 1960 Pirates. I have compiled a day by day account of that season for my own sake and would like to post it daily for the OnlyBucs readers. I have researched that season for years through various books, tapes, box scores, wire service reports, play by play accounts from retrosheet.com and conversations with members of that team who I have had the pleasure of meeting at the Pirates fantasy camps. Some may recall that I did the same thing some years ago on the Pirates MLB message board but I have enhanced it since then. Iíve tried to provide a daily account of what was going on in that season in terms of players, plays, the front office moves, and some background information regarding the 1960 season. I donít claim to be an authority. Much of this information is available on the internet for those who wish to put it all together. But Iíve researched it for years and compiled it here for easy reference. For those who recall that season, it might bring back fond memories, some long forgotten. For those who only heard about it and know it mainly as the season Mazeroski made famous, it might fill in the blanks. For those interested enough to read it, I hope you enjoy it.
Time to Man Up  View Printable Version 
By Wilbur Miller

One unfortunate aspect of the Piratesí persistent, downtrodden state is the growing difficulty of engaging in any kind of meaningful discussion about the teamís management. Every ďdiscussionĒ seems to break down into pro- and anti-front office views, or at least thatís the way the arguments often get characterized. Personally, I donít think there are very many ďpro-front officeĒ people. Rather, there are a lot of people who generally approve of the direction the team is taking but arenít sure about the execution. This is a mindset that the teamís detractors seem to have an especially hard time grasping. Itís a natural outcome of the extensive knee-jerk, reality-free criticism that greets every last move the team makes, down to every single minor league free agent signing. I know I spend so much timeófar more than I shouldóresponding to tinfoil hat blabbering that it probably seems like I donít see any problems with the way the team is being run.
Fractured Fairy Tales  View Printable Version 
By Wilbur Miller

As we all know, the real villains in the Piratesí seventeen-year losing streak are the Nutting family. Oh, we probably canít hold them accountable for the first three years, before they had any stake in the team, but they probably should be blamed for it anyway. We just donít know exactly how they did it yet, thanks to all the Pittsburgh journalists being in cahoots with the Nuttings and not asking them any questions. But we can definitely blame them for the last fourteen years, since we know that the Nuttings have been hiding behind the curtains and calling all the shots throughout that time.

Hereís a timeline that shows how the Nuttings have exercised their iron control over the Pirates:
Day 03 of 2009 Spring Training  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan


My intent while viewing Minicamp this year was to cover Spring Training from Day One, until I observed that the environment had definitely changed.

Last year there was only one person blogging (me), so I felt that I was offering a unique service.

What has changed this year is that there are at least four professional reporters who have set up their own Blogging Sites to cover Pirate Spring Training, and issue reports during the afternoon.
Minicamp - Day Three  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan

Another brisk day in Bradenton, but when compared with what my grandkids are facing at the bus stop in central PA, this is truly a delight.

I arrived fifteen minutes late, and therefore missed the first group of pitchers throwing off the mound, but did get a chance to watch Donnie Veal throw off the mound (will explain later), and for somebody who is supposedly only throwing at 75%, he can really bring it.
Minicamp - Day One  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan

Though the early morning began a little chilly, by the time practice started it was already up in the low sixties, and anyway the first day of baseball is always bright and shiny in my eyes.

Though there's not a lot to report on during Minicamp, it was an opportunity to renew my friendship with the General Manager. Neal Huntington is good enough to let me pick his brain on occasion, and I was perplexed on the Craig Monroe signing, and the GM's thinking on Steve Pearce.
Day Twelve of 2008 S/T  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan

Another warm and windy day today, which did not affect the last Major League workout at Pirate City this Spring.
The weather is supposed to take a significant downturn tonight with heavy thunderstorms, and high's the next couple days only in the low sixties. The weekend is supposed to return to the mid to upper seventy's though.

And when I say "It rains it pours" not only pertains to the weather, but in this instance, it also refers to the baseball drills.
Day Eleven of 2008 S/T  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan

Another cloudy beginning until mid-morning when the bright sun opened up the skies.

Today's workout was the shortest in duration, wrapping up by noon. Upon going over the planned schedule, there were only 24 entries for the complete squad.
Day Ten of 2008 S/T  View Printable Version 
By Jim Sullivan

Another warm summer day which began cloudy and humid until the bright sun broke through in late morning.

At the beginning of practice today the media was called to meet with General Manager Neal Huntington for an impromptu news conference by Pirate Media Relations Manager Dan Hart.