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Wednesday, December 07 2022 @ 12:34 pm UTC
This Day in Pirate History - 1/18  View Printable Version 
Posted: Friday, January 17, 2003

By 81omar_moreno

On this date in 1947, the Pirates bought Hank Greenberg from the Tigers. He at first decided to retire, but eventually signed a one year contract with the Pirates for $100,000 becoming the first NL player to reach that level. The Pirates in turn, built a bullpen in left field for him to help shorten the home run distance at Forbes Field. The new bullpen was quickly named "Greenberg Gardens". When Hank retired it was renamed Kiner's Korner.
This Day in Pirate History - 1/17  View Printable Version 
Posted: Friday, January 17, 2003

By 81omar_moreno

Another slow day as far as birthdays and trades go, so I'm going to make another exception and include a story on the Pittsburgh representative in the Federal League. A second major league that was formed in 1914 and lasted 2 seasons. The Pittsburgh team was named the Rebels after its manager Rebel Oakes. A player on one of those teams was named Doc Kerr, a catcher for the 1914 Rebels and he was born on this date in 1882. Kerr played both seasons the FL existed, and that would be his only ML experience. While with the Rebels he hit .239 in 42 games, 18 as a catcher, 24 as a pinch hitter.
This Day in Pirate History - 1/16  View Printable Version 
Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2003

By 81omar_moreno

Only three former Bucs players born on this date. First one and most prolific of the bunch is Art Whitney. Born on this date in 1858, he played for the Pirates just one year, but was a member of the Pittsburgh Alleghenys of the American Association from 1884-1886, and the Alleghenys in turn became the current Pirates franchise.

Whitney had a rough start to his career. As a 22 year old rookie, he was a third baseman for the Worchester Ruby Legs and he batted .222 in 76 games. The next year, playing for the Detroit Wolverines, he batted just .182 in 58 games. It got worse in 1882 playing for first the Providence Grays, then back to the Wolverines he batted .155 total in 42 games. The season before joining the Alleghenys he spent the whole year in minor league ball.
2010 Freak Show, Let's Take Deeper Look Part II  View Printable Version 
By Richard A. Mathews

Many brilliant message board posters contended, you cannot compare the 1997 Bucs Freak Show offense to the Bucs 2010 lineup.

Perhaps you are correct.

The cast of rookies, second year players and castoffs which Cam Bonifay put together in 1997 out scored what makes up the what will be largely a second audition by the 2009 club to prove they are true MLB worthy competitors by 89 runs.

The 1997 Freak Show offense scored 725 runs while our 2009 Bucco offense scored only a National League dead last total of 636.

For those Pirate fans who knew the 1997 Freak Show offense would out perform all expectations, you are welcome to right off the 2010 season.

For those who believe 2010 could be the Year of the Pirates Freak Show De Ja Vu, I hope you will read on.

This Day in Pirate History - 1/15  View Printable Version 
Posted: Tuesday, January 14, 2003

By 81omar_moreno

Just three former Bucs players born on this date, so I'm going to stretch it a little to include a couple players who played for Pittsburgh teams from the American Association and the Union Association,2 short lived Major Leagues before the turn of the century. First the actual Pirates.

Ed Kinsella, born in 1882, played for the 1905 Bucs. A late season call up, he made his ML debut on September 16th of that year starting in a 6-0 loss to the Reds. On the season he went 0-1 2.65 in 3 games, 2 as a starter. He completed both games he started, with one of the games ending in a tie (2nd game of a doubleheader Vs. Brooklyn on Sept. 30th). The Pirates finished 96-57 that year, but still lost to the Giants by 9 games. Kinsella's only other appearance in the majors was for the 1910 St Louis Browns when he went 1-3 3.78
This Day in Pirate History - 1/14  View Printable Version 
Posted: Tuesday, January 14, 2003

By 81omar_moreno

Born on this date in Pirates history in 1892, was manager Billy Meyer, who skippered the team from 1948-1952. The 1947 Pirates were managed by future Hall of Famer Billy Herman, who led them to just a 61-92 record, with Bill Burwell also managing one game and winning for a final team record of 62-92. They ended tied for last in the NL with the Phillies. Meyer led the Pirates to a suprising 4th place finish with an 83-71 record. He won The Sporting News manager of the year award and the team flourished at the gate, settting a franchise record with over 1.5 million customers.
This Day in Pirate History - 1/13  View Printable Version 
Posted: Sunday, January 12, 2003

By 81omar_moreno

On this date in 1954, the Pirates traded pitcher Murry Dickson to the Phillies for Andy Hansen and Jack Lohrke. Dickson had been with the Bucs since 1949, but was the league leader in losses his last 2 years with the team. After winning 20 games in 1951 he went 14-21 in 1952 and 10-19 in 1953. The next season with the Phillies he would lead the NL in losses for the 3rd straight season when he lost 20 against just 10 wins. Both of the players the Pirates acquired would not appear in a game for them, or appear in the majors after the trade.

Lots of birthdays today to get to so I'm going to keep them brief when possible.
This Day in Pirate History - 1/12  View Printable Version 
Posted: Sunday, January 12, 2003

By 81omar_moreno

On this date in 1988, Willie Stargell was elected to the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers of America. He was named on 82% of the ballots and was the only player elected that year. It marked the first time since 1965, when former Pirate Pud Galvin was elected, that only one person gained induction.

Stargell played his entire career for the Bucs from 1962-1982 and is the teams all-time leader in homeruns with 475 (tied for 22nd all-time with Stan Musial) and RBI's with 1540. Pops was a 7 time All-Star, helped the Bucs win 2 W.S. (1971, 1979) and was the MVP during the 1979 season.
2010 Freak Show, Let's Look Deeper  View Printable Version 
By Richard A. Mathews

Nothing beats debating Pirates baseball with you the best Bucco fans in America.

After having been excellently challenged over my contention, the Bucs might surprise the experts as much in 2010 as they did in 1997, I wrote the 3-part follow up series to my front page story, De Ja Vu Ė Will 2010 be the Year of the Pirates.

Part One today deals briefly with how the 2010 club stacks up against the pitching staff of the 1997 club with Message Board emphasis of how this yearís club will be able to compete against the NL Central.

Part Two will look at how the 2010 Bucco bats compare against the 1997 squad and again how they will stack up in the N.L. Central.

As for Part Three, well, by then the Message Board will have probably have raised so many new questions Iíll use it as my last word.

Enjoy the read.
This Day in Pirate History - 1/11  View Printable Version 
Posted: Friday, January 10, 2003

By 81omar_moreno

Lots of former players and even a small trade made on this date in Pirates history, but I'm going to concentrate on one player because his career is deserving of it. Born on this date in Pirates history in 1890 was Hall of Fame outfielder Max Carey who patrolled left and center field in Forbes Field from 1910 till leaving the team midseason in 1926.

Carey was a speedy switch hitter who made his debut on October 3, 1910 during a 5-2 win over the Cardinals. He played just 1 more of the last 5 games that year, but had 3 hits and 2 RBI's in just 6 at-bats. The next season when manager Fred Clarke, who was also the regular left fielder, got injured Carey was given the job. When Clarke returned Carey moved to center and was a regular from that point on. Batting leadoff that year, Carey batted just .258 in 129 games, but scored 77 runs and stole 27 bases.