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Thursday, March 23 2023 @ 11:16 pm UTC
1960 Revisited - October 12   
By Bobster

Wednesday, October 12, 1960---Trailing 3 games to 2, the Yankees had to win at Forbes Field in game 6 to stay alive. Bob Friend had an easy first inning, getting Clete Boyer on a comebacker, Kubek on a grounder to Mazeroski and Maris on a fly to Virdon in CF. Virdon opened the bottom of the first with a single off Ford. But Groat bounced into a Richardson-to Kubek-to Skowron DP. Clemente singled but Stuart struck out.

Mantle started the second inning with a comebacker to Friend. But Berra walked, Skowron singled and Friend hit Howard on the hand to load the bases. Howard had to leave the game as pitcher Eli Grba ran for him. Richardson flied to shallow CF for the second out. But Whitey Ford singled off Friendís glove to make it 1-0. Boyer struck out to end the inning. John Blanchard took over behind the plate for NY. For the Pirates, Cimoli grounded to Boyer at 3B, Hal Smith singled, Hoak reached on a grounder to Boyer, who forced Smith at second. Mazeroski flied out to Mantle in CF.

Friend hit Kubek to start the third. Maris doubled him to 3B. Mantle singled to score both runners and make it 3-0. Berra singled Mantle to 3B. That was all for Friend as Cheney relieved him. Skowron hit a sac fly to RF to score Mantle and make it 4-0. Blanchard singled. Richardson tripled both runners home to make it 6-0. Ford struck out and Boyer flied to Virdon. For the Pirates, Gene Baker batted for Cheney and struck out. Virdon grounded to Richardson at 2B and Groat struck out.

Mizell, who started game 3 and didnít make it though the first inning came on to pitch in the fourth. Kubek flied to Clemente, Maris struck out, Mantle walked and Berra grounded to Stuart at 1B. Ford got Clemente and Stuart on grounders to Kubek at SS and struck out Cimoli.

Skowron doubled to start the fifth. But Mizell got Blanchard on a fly to Clemente in RF, Richardson lined to Hoak and Ford bounced to Mazeroski. Smith singled to start the bottom of the fifth and Hoak walked. But Mazeroski grounded to 3B for a Boyer-to Richardson-to Skowron DP. Nelson batted for Mizell and struck out.

Fred Green took over on the mound for Pittsburgh in the sixth. Boyer led off with a triple and Kubekís single made it 7-0. Maris singled. That was all for Green. Clem Labine took over. Mantle struck out and Berra singled Kubek home to make it 8-0. Skowron bounced into a Groat-to Mazeroski-to Stuart DP. For the Pirates, Virdon grounded to Richardson at 2B, Groat flied to Maris in RF, Clemente singled and Stuart bounced back to Ford.

Blanchard opened the seventh with a double against Labine. Richardson hit his second triple of the game to make it 9-0. It was Richardsonís 12th RBI of the series, setting a new WS record. On a squeeze play, Ford bunted to Hoak, whose throw home was not in time to get Richardson, making it 10-0. Boyer grounded into a Hoak-to Mazeroski-to Stuart DP and Kubek flied to Clemente. Cimoli reached for the Bucs on an error to Kubek. Smith grounded to Kubek for a force out at 2B. Hoak forced Smith at 2B. Mazeroski flied to Mantle.

Maris began the eighth with a single against Labine. Mantle grounded to Mazeroski for the force out. Mantle took 2B on a wild pitch. Berra singled home Mantle and took 2B on an error by Virdon to make it 11-0. Skowron grounded out to Mazeroski. Blanchard doubled to score Berra and make it 12-0. Richardson flied to Cimoli in LF. For the Pirates, Schofield batted for Labine and grounded to Boyer at 3B. Virdon grounded to Richardson at 2B. Groat singled and Clemente bounced to Kubek at SS.

Schofield remained in the game at SS. George Witt came in to pitch, batting in Groatís slot. Ford grounded out to Stuart at 1B, Boyer grounded to Mazeroski at 2B and Kubek flied to Clemente in RF. Joe DiMaestri moved to shortstop and Kubek moved to LF as Berra left the game. Ford preserved his second shutout of the series when he got Stuart to ground to DiMaestri at SS, Cimoli singled and Smith grounded to 3B for a Boyer-to Richardson-to Skowron DP, ending the game.

Clemente and Smith each had 2 hits for the Bucs. Maris, Berra and Blanchard each had 3 hits for NY. Skowron and Richardson had 2 hits apiece. Ford (2-0) got the win. Friend (0-2) took the loss.

The series was tied at 3-3. The Pirates had won their 3 games by cumulative scores of 14-8. The Yankees had won their 3 games by cumulative scores of 38-3. And the home field had not been an advantage. Both teams were 1-2 at home and 2-1 away.

Boyer 3B
Kubek SS
Maris RF
Mantle CF
Berra LF
Skowron 1B
Howard C
Richardson 2B
Ford P

Virdon CF
Groat SS
Clemente RF
Stuart 1B
Cimoli LF
Smith C
Hoak 3B
Mazeroski 2B
Friend P

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