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Thursday, March 23 2023 @ 11:15 pm UTC
1960 Revisited - October 6   
By Bobster

Thursday, October 6, 1960---The Pirate learned that one of their best hitters, Bob Skinner, may be out for the rest of series. Skinner sprained his left thumb in the opening game and it had swollen to where he couldn’t grip the bat properly. Cimoli would take over in LF. Without Skinner, the Pirates lineup would feature only Virdon and Burgess as left-handed swingers against the right-handed Bob Turley (9-3) unless Danny Murtaugh also benched his primary HR threat in Dick Stuart to start the left-handed Rocky Nelson. Neither Virdon nor Burgess had great power. So Murtaugh benched Stuart for Game 2 and inserted the left-handed Rocky Nelson at 1B batting fourth. Cimoli would bat fifth. The Pirates sent 18-game winner Bob Friend (18-12) against Turley.

Tony Kubek opened the first inning with a single but was promptly gunned down trying to steal, Burgess to Mazeroski. After a full count, Friend struck out McDougald looking. Friend then went to a full count to Maris before he singled. Then another full count to Mantle before he struck out swinging. For the Pirates, Virdon flied to Berra in LF, Groat grounded to Richardson at 2B, Clemente singled and Nelson grounded to Richardson.

In the second, Berra bounced out, Nelson to Friend covering, Skowron and Howard struck out. Cimoli led off for the Bucs with a walk. Burgess popped to Richardson and Hoak flied to Mantle. Mazeroski doubled down the LF line, Cimoli stopping at 3B. Friend popped to Skowron at 1B. Still no score.

In the third inning, Richardson walked and Turley bunted him to 2B, Friend to Mazeroski covering. Kubek singled home Richardson to make it 1-0. McDougald doubled down the LF line scoring Kubek to make it 2-0. Burgess, Hoak and Murtaugh argued in vain with the 3B umpire that the ball was foul. Maris grounded out to Nelson at 1B. Mantle walked and Berra flied to Virdon in CF. For the Bucs, Virdon hit a shot off Turley’s leg that was fielded by Kubek at SS in time for the out at first. Groat grounded out to Kubek. Clemente singled. Nelson flied to Mantle in CF.

In the fourth, Skowron and Howard both struck out on 3 pitches, giving Friend 6 Ks. Richardson singled and when a pitch got away from Burgess, Richardson took second. Turley, an .073 hitter with 1 RBI during the season, singled to center to make it 3-0. Kubek flied to Cimoli in LF. Trailing 3-0, the Pirates came right back in the bottom of the fourth. Cimoli singled, and Burgess singled him to 3B. Hoak doubled, scoring Cimoli to make it 3-1 with no outs. Mazeroski hit a hard line drive but right at McDougald at 3B for the first out. Murtaugh then gambled on a big inning and called upon Gene Baker to pinch hit for Friend. But Baker popped up to Richardson at 2B. Virdon grounded out to Richardson to end the inning.

With Friend gone, lefty Fred Green took the mound for the fifth inning. He walked McDougald on 4 pitches. Maris forced McDougald; Nelson (1B) to Groat (SS). Mantle then hit a line drive HR to RF to make it 5-1. Berra grounded to Mazeroski. Skowron flied to Clemente in deep RF. For the Pirates, Groat led off with a single. Clemente bounced to Kubek who forced Groat at 2B. Nelson singled Clemente to 2B. Cimoli flied to deep RF with Clemente taking 3B. Burgess popped to Skowron at 1B to end the inning.

Elston Howard opened the sixth with a triple. Richardson followed with a double to make it 6-1. That finished Green as Clem Labine took over. This was Labine’s second consecutive World Series, having pitched for the Dodgers in their victorious World Series over the Chicago White Sox in 1959. But Burgess’ second passed ball of the game advanced Richardson to 3B. Turley was out on a comebacker to Labine. Kubek reached on an error to Groat with Richardson holding third. McDougald singled to make it 7-1. Maris walked to load the bases. Mantle struck out for the 2nd out. Berra singled to CF scoring two to make it 9-1. Skowron singled to make it 10-1. That brought George "Red" Witt from the bullpen. Howard singled to make it 11-1. Richardson singled to make it 12-1. Finally, Witt retired Turley on a fly to Virdon in CF. 7 runs had scored. For the Pirates, Hoak got his 2nd consecutive double. Mazeroski grounded out, Turley to Skowron. Dick Schofield batted for Witt and singled Hoak to 3B. Virdon popped to catcher Elston Howard. Groat popped to Maris in RF.

Schofield remained in the game at shortstop. With the score 12-1, Murtaugh was allowing Groat to rest his wrist. Lefty Joe Gibbon came in to pitch. Kubek greeted Gibbon with his 3rd hit, a single. Joe DiMaestri batted for McDougald and singled. Maris struck out. Mantle hit a 3-run HR to CF to make it 15-1. It was his 2nd HR of the game and traveled about 450 feet. It was the first time a player ever hit a ball over the 436 foot marker in right-center field batting right-handed. Mantle tied a WS record with 5 RBIs in the game. Clete Boyer batted for Berra and popped to Schofield at SS. Skowron singled. Howard grounded to Mazeroski. As the Pirates came to bat in the bottom of the seventh, Kubek moved to LF, DiMaestri went to SS and Boyer took over at 3B. Clemente flied to Mantle in CF. Nelson grounded to Richardson at 2B. Cimoli flied to Maris in RF.

In the eighth with Gibbon still on the mound, Richardson bounced out, Nelson to Gibbon covering. Turley struck out. Kubek flied to Cimoli in LF. For the Pirates, Burgess walked and Hoak flied to Mantle in CF. Mazeroski flied to Kubek in LF. Schofield walked. Virdon grounded out to Richardson at 2B.

Tom Cheney entered the game to pitch the ninth for the Pirates. He struck out DiMaestri and Maris and walked Mantle. A wild pitch moved Mantle to 3B, and he scored on a Boyer double to make it 16-1. Skowron grounded out, Cheney to Nelson. For the Pirates, Joe Christopher batted for Cheney and was hit by the pitch. Clemente flied to Kubek in LF. Nelson singled Christopher to 2B. Cimoli singled to score Christopher, making it 16-2 and sending Nelson to 2B. Then a bizarre play. Burgess hit a long drive to RF that caromed off the screen. The runners held up thinking it might be caught and only advanced one base. Burgess, thinking he had an extra base hit, rounded 1B but had to retreat with Cimoli staying at 2B. Burgess was trapped off 1B and caught in a rundown. But Richardson threw the ball away, allowing Nelson to score to make it 16-3. Bobby Shantz replaced Turley. Hoak tapped back to the mound for a Shantz-to Richardson-to Skowron DP to end the game.

Turley (1-0) won. Friend (0-1) took the loss. Mantle had 2 HRs. The Pirates used 6 pitchers. There was a WS record 32 hits between the 2 teams (19 for NY, 13 for Pittsburgh). Kubek and Richardson each had 3 hits. McDougald, Mantle, Skowron and Howard each had 2 hits. Nelson, Cimoli, Burgess and Groat each had a pair of hits for the Pirates.


Kubek SS
McDougald 3B
Maris RF
Mantle CF
Berra LF
Skowron 1B
Howard C
Richardson 2B
Turley P

Virdon CF
Groat SS
Clemente RF
Nelson 1B
Cimoli LF
Burgess C
Hoak 3B
Mazeroski 2B
Friend P

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