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Thursday, September 24 2020 @ 03:24 pm UTC
Day Eleven of 2008 S/T   
By Jim Sullivan

Another cloudy beginning until mid-morning when the bright sun opened up the skies.

Today's workout was the shortest in duration, wrapping up by noon. Upon going over the planned schedule, there were only 24 entries for the complete squad.

There continued to be Pitchers infield practice for thirty minutes, followed by an additional thirty minutes of review on such items as "regular bunts", "wheel bunts", "rundowns at 2nd Base, rundowns at 3rd Base, and then 1st & 3rd Base.

Only three pitchers threw from the bullpen today, LHP Phil Dumatrait, Tom Gorzelanny, and Bryan Bullington. It appears to this reporter that Bullington has added some velocity, though one must remember that there is no batter.

The newest Pirate, Kim, participated in the Pitchers Infield drills.

The highlight for me today, was meeting and talking to Andrew McCutchen's father, Lorenzo.

After a fifteen minute one-on-one discussion with Lorenzo, I then grabbed Major League Batting Coach Don Long, who did not know Mr. McCutchen, and we were involved in a ten minute discussion. At the conclusion, I found Dejan, and introduced him. That led to another fifteen minute discussion.

These intros, and the ensuing discussions are important building blocks which will (hopefully) enable me to do my "reporting job" more completely in the future. Though they may be boring to read, if I hadn't first cultivated relationships with Don Long, and Dejan, then they never would have had an opportunity to get to know Lorenzo McCutchen, and vice versa.

At the same time, the only activity occurring on the field was batting practice between coaches and ballplayers, which I understand the need for, but a blow-by-blow account, IMO, is not meaningful.

Pitchers conditioning (running and stretching) was occurring on field one at 11:30, while the positioning players were doing the same at noon.

All in all, a boring morning for the fans, but an important stepping stone in preparing for a long season for the ballplayers.

Special Assistant Larry Corrigan walked by and this time addressed me by name, which is a step in the right direction for further discussions, though maybe not this Spring.

I asked him to identify his ball cap, which he said he couldn't until he took it off. It was a golf cap from Legends Country Club. My previous guess of a hand-me-down from Honus Wagner was way off base.

Tomorrow, after practice, the major league team will be leaving Pirate City to relocate to McKechnie Field in preparation for the exhibition season. At that point, I will no longer be able to observe practice, as it will only occur behind closed doors.

We'll discuss this in tomorrow's report.

Jim Sullivan

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