Day Four of 2008 S/T

Tuesday, February 19 2008 @ 02:46 am UTC

Contributed by: WTM

By Jim Sullivan

Another super day for baseball, though there is not an awful lot new to report on, in advance of Wednesday's first full workout.

Today's crowd more than doubled the previous days, though the school kids being off (plus Parents) due to President's Day may have been a contributing factor.
Stan Savran visited Pirate City, in order to do a couple interviews with the Pirate Manager and General Manager.
He flew in Sunday night, and was scheduled to fly out Monday night.
So much for being an indispensable TV anchor.

Three more position players reported early for today's workout.
Neil Walker, Brian Bixler and Josh Wilson joined the previous group in going through the various stretches, shagging flies, then later taking batting practice.

The two exceptions, again, for shagging flies, were Freddy Sanchez and Doug Mient-----.

This was Day 2 on the mound for the second group of Pitchers, and as such, they were permitted to throw breaking pitches today.
Jarret Wright, who appeared to be throwing "free and easy" threw a great deal of (what appeared to me) sliders.

Matt Morris gave the appearance of being displeased with his control. When he finished his turn, he did not bother to walk up to his catcher, Carlos Maldonado, to thank him. Instead he grabbed his water bottle and went directly to manager John Russell, who had been watching closely. GM Neal Huntington also seemed to be paying particular attention, though at an angle that Morris may not have noticed.

Pitching coach Jeff Andrews briefly interrupted Zach Duke during his turn to make a brief comment, then Duke continued his throwing.

Tuesday's session reportedly does not include any bullpen activity, in advance of the full squad workout on Wednesday.

At the conclusion of practice, three coaches (including John Russell), stayed on the field to closely observe a fourth coach, Fischer, working intently with Ryan Doumit on sliding left and right to control balls in the dirt. When the individual session was completed, Russell then added his own two cents.
This individual session is a little unusual, as John Russell, in his previous stint with the Buccos as their 3rd Base Coach/ Catching Coordinator, would normally work collectively with the catchers in camp.

One is left to wonder why Ronny Paulino was not an active participant in this drill, as last year's inept performance would certainly warrant his inclusion.
This left the impression that Ryan Doumit is seriously being considered as a catcher this year, whether #1 or #1a is open for interpretation.

This drill was at the very end of today's session, and was witnessed by only two fans. My friend's name is being withheld in order to protect the innocent.

The last two coaches remaining on the field, in left field, was a previous Bucco Third Base Coach, Rich Donnelly, and a future Pirate Third Base Coach, Tony Beasley, apparently discussing the do's and don't of that position.

Tomorrow's report may be skipped, as there is little to report on until the full squad joins the action Wednesday.

We'll resume the reporting as on field activity warrants.

Jim Sullivan