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Monday, January 30 2023 @ 07:32 am UTC
Day Two of Spring Training   
By Jim Sullivan,


Another beautiful day of Spring Training. The current temperature is 74 degrees with very little breeze.

A couple additional position players showed up today to go through their drills with the original gang of four from yesterday.
Chris Duffy and Doug Mientkiewicz joined Freddy, Nate, Nyjer, and Kevin in their exercise drills, before going to the batting cage.
I do have a Doug "Me-Tov-ich" story at the end of this report.

The Pitchers again worked through various fielding drills before a select group threw off the bullpen mound.

I paid particular attention to Matt Morris' bullpen activity today. He appeared to throw "free and easy" to a free agent catcher, Raul Chavez.
At the conclusion, Matt did something that impressed me, which you don't see all the time anymore. Morris walked off the mound toward his catcher, Chavez (who was still in his catching position) just to shake his hand, and say thank you.
That's a touch of class that you may not always see from a veteran towards a free agent.

Masumi Kuwata threw off the mound also today. There may only be a half-dozen Japanese photographers in camp, but you couldn't prove it by me. When he approaches the mound, I swear the photographers, writers, assistants holding gear (camera and microphones) give the appearance of a cattle call, as they all rush to claim their best vantage point.
Please, there is no disrespect intended, but it's simply amazing.

Zach Duke threw to Ronny Paulino, at the same time Matt Morris was throwing to Chavez.

The hardest thrower today appeared to be Evan Meek, who is listed at six foot even, but is packed very solidly at 220 lbs.

You could hear the catcher's mitt popping, to the extent that I thought Michel Hernandez was going to call time out, and try to locate an additional sponge for his glove hand.

Number one draft choice, Daniel Moskos, also threw off the mound today.

Dejan will have a story tomorrow on a key pitcher working to develop a new pitch, but I won't steal his thunder, because it's his story.

Major League Hitting Coach Don Long, spent some time with Ronny Paulino, after Ronny finished one session in the cage, then went over to the other cage, and after watching Ryan Doumit takes some cuts, he then spent some time with Ryan. He is an equal opportunity employer.

I try to grab a couple minutes with the GM near the end of the session (as I did with the previous GM), as the crowd begins to thin out.
Today I asked if the Buccos were interested in working out Doug (his agent says the correct pronunciation is "Me-Tov-ich") at any other positions to enhance his ability to make the club.

Neal Huntington said, in fact, that Doug Mientkiewicz approached the Pirates about working out at other positions, in order to see more playing time.
Doug specifically mentioned 2nd Base, 3rd Base, Left Field, and Right Field. The GM further said that Doug still considers himself a full time player, and that he played those various positions in the Twins organization.
Neal said that would definitely make for an "interesting decision"
if Doug could bring that skill set to the table.

I believe that's enough for today.
We'll try again tomorrow.

Jim Sullivan

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