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Monday, January 30 2023 @ 08:46 am UTC
Misery; Thy name is Pirates   
by Steven K.

"Line drive and a base hit. Justice has scored the tying run. Bream to the plate...and he is safe, safe at the plate! The Braves go to the World Series!"

I think it is safe to assume that every Pirates fan knows that call. It is Sean McDonough’s call of the final run of the 1992 National League Championship Series. I was only five-years-old when that play happened, but I remember it vividly. I was just getting into baseball, and my father did something horrible to me that night; he woke me up to watch the Pirates head to the World Series. He did the worst thing a father can do to a son…he gave me false hope. When the Pirates lost that day I was upset, I went to my Kindergarten class the next day and cried about the Pirates defeat. I remained optimistic though, next year I thought. Well here it is 16 years later, and I am still waiting for next year.

That October evening did however start my love affair with the Pirates. It has been a difficult relationship to say the least. Since that 1992 season I have yet to see a winning baseball team. I am 20-years-old now and have very few positive memories and a whole lot of negative ones, but that October evening in 1992 was the worst night of my life as a Pirates fan.

What is the point of this article you might be wondering? Well really it is just an introduction as I plan to write many articles for Onlybucs.org through out the year. I am writing as a young fan that for most of his life has never seen winning baseball. Being a Pirates fan isn’t easy especially when you can barely remember when the team was decent and you weren’t even alive the last time they won a World Series.

The main reason for this writing is that I want to express my views because I think they are unique. I have become a minority; I am a young Pittsburgh Pirates fan. Most of my peers couldn’t care less about the Pirates and when I ask why the most common response is, they stink. The only baseball fans I know are casual at best and they usually root for the Yankees or Red Sox. I am here to say that although the Pirates have been terrible for most of my life I remain loyal to the team. I can never bring myself to root for anyone else.

I guess I will end this first article by saying this, the Pittsburgh Pirates have had many changes since October 14, 1992 and most of them have been bad. I have seen many players come and go, but my love for this team remains constant and it almost hurts. Watching them lose year in and year out is almost like a father watching his son trying to learn how to ride a bike for the first time. The kid just keeps falling off and every time the kid gets back on the father hopes that this is it, he will finally ride the bike. Well once again I am watching the Pirates and hoping that this is it and there will finally be winning baseball again in the City of Pittsburgh.

Steven K. is currently enrolled at Point Park University majoring in Journalism. Any comments, questions, or feedback is greatly appreciated. You can reach me at smsufri@pointpark.edu

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