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Welcome to Onlybucs
Monday, January 30 2023 @ 08:47 am UTC
Welcome to OnlyBucs   
by Richard A. Mathews

Welcome to OnlyBucs.org’s new front page.

We thought it appropriate as the Oldest Bucco Fan Site on the web begins a new chapter in our history to recant our humble beginnings and highlight the support of the Pirate Nation which has spanned 12 years, nearly 2,000,000 unique visits to the site from you the reason we exist, to be your home to enjoy your Pittsburgh Pirates.

OnlyBucs.org first began following the work which developed the original MLB Pittsburgh Pirates web site.

The site's name back then was “The Buccaneer”.

The Buccaneer which began its existence on the Web in 1996 was developed by internet pioneer Scott Mathews. Yes, it was my brother Scott who first brought about a true Pirate Fan Forum.

It was Scott who first developed a “message board” where the Pirate Nation could post their thoughts about the Bucs and have other fans comment on those thoughts.

The sites first big break in gaining and audience came when a the new Publisher of Pirate Report found our humble home on the internet a volunteered to write articles concerning the Bucs exclusively for The Buccaneer.

In 1997 we thrilled to the success of the “Freak Show.” With articles boldly written under his own name from Mr. Novotney as well as dozens of baseball insights scripted under pen names by actual journalist working for local papers under pen names, the Pirate Nation clicked into The Buccaneer at amazing numbers.

Our second big break came in 1998 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided they would really like our site to change names and made us an offer we could not refuse. Settling on OnlyBucs.net, you – The Pirate Nation – quickly made the site the #1 rated Pirate Fan Site on the Web as acclaimed by Internet Pioneers such as John Sickles. While the 1998 team crushed our hopes for a return to greatness as Bonifay dealt away players the team could not afford to retain such as Womack and Lieber and Loaiza, you the fans kept the faith and discussed Bucco baseball on your fan site.

By 1998, we again received an offer we could not refuse. Augmented by the “Gunners” outstanding message board which he agreed to bring into the fold under the OnlyBucs.com url, we joined the original Rivals.com a venture partially funded by none other than Rupert Murdoch, the Billionaire creator of among other multi-media ventures the Fox Network.

By the winter of 2000, OnlyBucs.com was the second most popular baseball site on Rivals.com trailing only the Yankees Fan Site. Over 250,000 unique viewers made our feature article, “Did Everyone Know About Steroids” a topic which eventually would be considered one of the first published works openly discussing the “drug enhancement” problem in MLB.

But times turned as hard for OnlyBucs.com as did the fortunes of our Bucs in 2001.

The internet stock crash caused Rivals.com to go bankrupt with no notice and the lights went out on your fan site.

To the rescue came the Gunner.

Within 48 hours of the site disappearing off Rivals.com, the Gunner had a temporary site back up on the web.

The birth of OnlyBucs.net was painful.

Everything originally stored on Rivals.com’s servers was lost forever unless otherwise saved electronically.

Yet the Gunner supported by Possum, Jimbo and too many others to thank, saved your site and rebuilt the Message Board and Front Page, one day at a time.

Unfortunately, like our Pirates claim to suffer from, without the financial backing which would have placed “Pop-ups” and other Virtual Advertising Links cluttered throughout OnlyBucs.net, OnlyBucs.com never could afford to keep up with the innovations many fans have come to expect such as real time video streaming.

We did what we could presenting an open door policy for a fan to either post their thoughts on our fan friendly message board while opening up the Front Page for all the Pirate Nation to express their thoughts.

We carried as an exclusive from the candid thoughts of former GM Cam Bonifay when he was dismissed.

We lambasted the hiring of former GM Dave Littlefield.

We supported Dan Tambelinia’s find a new owner petition. A petition which generated over 5,000 actual and electronic signatures.

We wrote, “Wrong Jim,” when Spacey Tracy was hired to replace the Sacked Mac without ever seriously considering returning Skip to his Pirate home.

We supported the Irate Fans movement.

And through all the “Spin” which the Nuttings piled on deeper and deeper, you the Pirate Nation kept the faith.

Today marks a new beginning for OnlyBucs.org.

Again, our history has been largely lost to hyper-space.

But that fact doesn’t matter.
Just as the entire Pirate Nation has never lost its faith, someday the team will rise again to greatness, our latest setback will not stop your Bucco Fan Site from continuing to be here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks ago.

OnlyBucs.org is now a clean slate.

A forum for your thoughts.

As it has always been.

Go Bucs

Respectfully in your eternal debt.

Richard A. Mathews

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