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Monday, August 10 2020 @ 03:11 pm UTC
The 2006 season has already begun 10-2-05   
by Stephen Zielinski

The Pirates will soon play their last game of the 2005 season. But, they are also playing for the right to pick second in the 2006 Draft. In that sense, the future is already here.

They enter the last game of the year tied with the Rockies for second (to last) place in the majors.

For Piratesí fans, itíd be ironic were the team to conclude this very difficult year by moving up to the third pick in the 2006 Draft. It would be ironic because what made this season bearable for many of us was, first and foremost, the commitment the organization made to players like Doumit and Duffy and McLouth and Eldred, but gaining the hope a high draft pick would bring the team also permitted some to reconcile themselves to the dismal record the team compiled. While dropping one pick lower in the draft might not seem too much of a penalty to pay for any given team, it remains the case that itís always better to pick higher than lower insofar as talent acquisition is concerned. It also remains the case that impact players win championships and they are mostly taken at the very top of the draft. Moreover, since the second pick in the draft can bring a better player than the first, as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays know all so well, and since most drafts offer few impact players to the teams picking near the top of the first round, the higher the selection a team has the better off it would be. In short, itís much better to pick second than third.

I do not know what the tie breaker would be if the Pirates and Rockies finished tied after todayís games, but I do know the Pirates have a 7-3 record with the Rockies.

But, who could root for the home team to loose?


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